Life and Research on the International Space Station: Highlights of the 177-day Cosmic Kiss Mission in space
German ESA Astronaut Dr. Matthias Maurer to deliver Opening Lecture at FEMS EUROMAT 2023

Dr. Matthias Maurer, the German European Space Agency (ESA) member, is set to deliver the opening lecture “Life and research on the International Space Station. The highlights of the 177-day Cosmic Kiss mission in space.” at the prestigious FEMS EUROMAT Congress on 04 September 2023, 08:45 am.

Born in 1970, Dr. Maurer is renowned for his work as an astronaut and his academic background in materials science. He holds a doctorate in materials science and was officially selected as an ESA astronaut in 2015. His unique combination of space exploration experience and scientific expertise makes him an inspiring figure within the materials science community.

Participants at FEMS EUROMAT are set to embark on a captivating exploration spanning science, technology, and the mysteries of space. With his rich understanding and enthusiasm for space exploration, Dr. Maurer will offer insights that promise to inspire and stimulate deep reflection among attendees.

The lecture will take attendees through Dr. Maurer's landmark mission Cosmic Kiss. As ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer travelled to the International Space Station on 11 November 2021, he embarked on a journey that marked his debut in space. The mission spanned 177 eventful days, culminating in his return via Crew Dragon Endurance, which made a splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday, 6 May 2022. Joining Matthias on the Crew-3 mission were NASA astronauts Raja Chari, Thomas Marshburn, and Kayla Barron.

During his time in space, Dr. Maurer was at the forefront of scientific exploration, supporting over 35 European experiments along with numerous international ones. The research conducted during this mission promises breakthroughs across multiple fields, from human health to materials science. Such advancements hold profound implications for life on Earth and chart a promising trajectory for the future of space exploration.

Dr. Maurer's selection as the inaugural speaker is a testament to the organizers' vision of advancing the frontiers of materials science and fostering interdisciplinary connections. His insights and shared experiences from the Cosmic Kiss mission will undoubtedly stand out as a pinnacle of the conference, igniting the innate curiosity and adventurous spirit of those in attendance.

03 - 07 September 2023 | Hybrid Congress in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) & Online

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